For me, there is nothing cuter than a Miniature Shetland Pony. Oh there actually is!!! A Miniatur Shetland Pony FOAL!!!!
That’s why I am delighted that over the last few years I have been able to purchase several first class ponies which form the basis of my own special stud.

The stud name “Esperanca” is an internationally registered name exclusive to our ponies.

In choosing the ponies, we put great importance on the fact that all are registered with the „Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society“ (SPSBS) and are therefore 100% pure bred.
In the Pedigrees of my breeding stock you can find the ancestors of long-established studs such as Tawna, Seva, Parlington, Kerswell, Halstock, Fairy and many more.  Our breeding stallions are licensed in Austria as well as in Scotland. Our foals will have papers from the ÖZP, the Austrian Pony Association, guaranteeing they are true, pure-bred Shetland Ponies.

Our ponies are of the „Mini“ type, and have a maximum height of 34 inches/87cm.
Naturally, we are not only interested in the appearance and pedigree of our Minis. Whatever their size, they should be robust, have a balanced character, be easy keepers, good with children, and long lived.