Longview Horatio

    Licensed in Austria as a premium stallion, winner of the pony show in 2008, licensed in Scotland and Austria, International Stallion Champion in 2008, and sire of several licensed sons.

    SPSBS registered
    Color: Golden Dun Roan
    Height: 32,7“
    Date of birth: 6.5.1997

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    Dam: Harlequin Bliss
    Sire: Kerswell Robin

    Amasonic Skyper el Saraja

    The only son of the legendary Kerswell Cloud, that is registered by the SPSBS. Austrian champion foal, licensed breeding stallion, premier stallion licensed in Austria and Great Britain.

    SPSBS registered
    Color: Bay with sotty gene (Mushroom carrier)
    Height: 31,5″
    Date of birth: 6.3.2008

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    Dam: Rebecca v.d. Westerbrink (registered elite mare, multi-champion, by Expensive v. Bromishet)

    Sire: Kerswell Cloud (Palomino)

    Parlington Versace


    Licensed in Austria as a premium stallion, runner up in the pony show in 2012, licensed in Scotland and Austria, runner up in the International Stallion show in 2012 (across all breeds).

    SPSBS registered
    Color: Buckskin Roan
    Height: 31“
    Date of birth: 8.5.2008

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    Dam: Parlington Louella
    Sire: Parlington Joost

    Danny van Berja

    One of the smallest Mushroom breeding stallions in Europe! Winner of the pony show in 2013, best pony stallion and best overall Shetlandpony at the Austrian Pony show 2018. Licensed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Licensed by the SPSBS

    SPSBS registered
    Color: Mushroom
    Height: 29,9″
    Date of birth: 26.5.2010

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    Dam: Arina van Berja (Junior Champion)
    Sire: Aquit v. Spuitjesdom

    Besame Mucho v.d. Vaarhorst

    Licensed in Austria, Germany and England (SPSBS), runner up in the Austrian Pony Show 2019

    SPSBS registered
    Colour: Mushroom
    Height: 32,7″
    Date of birth: 10.7.2008

    ACAN (D1-D4) FREE

    M: Tourina v.d.Vaarhorst
    V: Menthe v.h.Keijzertje